AcadeMe+, The Visual Learning Platform, offers film-based interactive lessons from 1,000 of Hollywood’s carefully curated films for K-12 schools and higher education, serving to enhance student engagement. Focused on improving 21st-century skills, augmenting social and emotional learning, and harnessing the storytelling power of films, AcadeMe+ generates unique and engaging learning experiences.


AcadeMe+ is an Audiovisual learning platform, offering film-based interactive lessons from more than 1,000 of Hollywood’s carefully curated and most beloved films for K-12 schools and higher education. AcadeMe+ caters to all teachers' needs for delivering film-based lessons, focused on S.E.L. and 21st century skills, providing a unique, relevant, inspiring, challenging and fun digital learning experience


AcadeMe+ transforms engaging Hollywood movies into academic lesson tools that present issues at hand in a broad multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary context. Our lessons integrate social-emotional contexts that studies have proved to improve academic achievements. Our lessons encourage and direct students’ critical thinking as well as evaluate and reconstruct their values and perceptions. Our students will gain the skills needed to solve complex, ambiguous and dynamic 21st-century problems.


AcadeMe+ offers hundreds of ready-to-use Interactive Lessons integrating Hollywood films alongside active watching. The lessons are built from activities before, during and after the film that integrate active watching and assessment. Using online reports, teachers view student performance data and monitor their progress. Together, these take learning to a wider contemporary social cultural knowledge-based context.

AcadeMe+ Platform

AcadeMe+, The Visual Learning Platform, is an innovative platform that offers film-based interactive lessons from more than 1,000 of Hollywood’s most loved and carefully curated films for K-12 and higher education, serving to enhance student engagement.

Teach SEL using Pixar’s Inside Out

Explain STEM or physics using a scene from The Martian

Hold a class about human rights and racism showing a clip from Green Book

Introduce computer programming with The Imitation Game

Main Features

AcadeMe+ offers advanced, A.I.-based, features

Interactive Lessons

Hundreds of ready-to-use lessons, local curriculum aligned, and arranged by subject, grade and topic. Lessons are available for in-class, remote class or homework assignments.

Smart Lesson Creator

Teachers can create new lessons or edit existing lessons by adding or removing videos as well as questions over the video, with an easy drag and drop feature.

Smart A.I. Search Engine

Teachers can find films and clips arranged by subject, topic or grade by searching thousands of keywords.

Community Zone

Teachers can discuss and share lessons with colleagues while keeping their credit. Shared lessons are searchable by subject, topic, keywords, grade.

Performance Reports

Using our robust online report, teachers receive all student performance data, and can grade the assignments, as well as monitor the students' progress.


Full customization to local curriculum and language.

Our Partners

AcadeMe+ by 9-Digital is powered by two key partners:

Major Hollywood Studios

More than 1,000 carefully curated films, and over 7,500 film clips, licensed in collaboration with major Holllywood studios, such as Disney, Marvel, Fox, Pixar, Sony, Warner – who trust us to distribute their films to education systems globally. From Inside Out to Aladdin, Hidden Figures to Laurence of Arabia, Karate Kid to Avatar, all the films you may want to enhance your lesson are available.

Journeys In Film

The finest pedagogical content – our interactive lessons and teaching guides created and developed exclusively for AcadeMe + by Journeys In Film’s education expert team, led by content advisors, curriculum writers and cultural specialists, headed by Joanne Ashe and matching curriculum standards. Journeys In Film, a non profit organization founded in 2003, is dedicated to amplifying the power of films to educate the most visually literate generation in history.

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Our Team

Yuval Kalati


Media entrepreneur with more than twenty two years of experience in the digital entertainment industry. Founded and led startups in various digital entertainment international arenas. Formerly CCO at Vonetize (IPO with TASE).

Yuval Levy


Veteran media entrepreneur, visionary and creative director. Dedicated creative leader with more than twenty years of progressive experience in international TV productions.

Liav Hertsman

VP Business Development

Film sales and business development expert. Former MBA student mentor at Tel Aviv University and GMAT and SAT teacher. Formerly Lev Cinemas’ business development director.

Joanne (Strahl) Ashe

VP Pedagogical Content

Founding Executive Director at Journeys in Film: A non-profit dedicated to raising the next generation to be globally competent and socially active by utilizing the storytelling power of film for teaching and learning.

Martin H. Sabag

Advisory Board

Seasoned product management and marketing executive. ‏Formerly Head of Product at Vonetize (VOD) and at “Time To Know” (EdTech). Business and product mentor of early-stage startups. Co-Founder of Custom Angels N.G.O.

Hadar Masasa

Content Manager

A seasoned video content executive with more than a decade of experience, specializing in Education.

Rakefet Nitzani-Hendel

Digital Pedagogic Manager

More than two decades of experience in the design, creation and evaluation of curricula and interactive digital learning materials for face-to-face, hybrid and distance education environments.

Common FAQ

Please schedule a demo at "request a demo".
Our platform is available for annual, per-school, subscription. Please ask your school headmaster or the national education ministry's technology manager to contact us.
AcadeMe+ is currently available in English but can be customized to your local language – including full user interface, as well as film subtitles and dubbing.
Our current offering is aligned to the International Baccalaureate curriculum, but the vast lesson collection can be localized and aligned to match your local curriculum, too.


Bett 2022 London

AcadeMe+ exhibiting at BETT – January 19-21, 2022, London
AcadeMe+ is a BETT awards 2022 finalist
We are looking forward to the BETT award announcement on January 19th.

  • By Liav Hertsman
  • November 25, 2021
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AcadeMe+ now available for your school!

Film-based lessons now available for schools in UAE


  • By Liav Hertsman
  • October 28, 2021
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